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Water Heater Timer

Paying for the bills is never a pleasant task. Every month you promise yourself you will be more careful but in the end the stress of the workplace make you careless at home. Almost everybody is facing this problem. Luckily, many energy saving devices have appeared on the market. They downsize our bills and also help our planet by reducing the consumption of vital energy.

One such device is the water heater timer. They have appeared for some time now and have evolved into easy to install devices. What they basically do is shut down your water heater when you are not using it. For example when you are at work, or sleeping.

The water in your tank is constantly cooling down and the heater makes sure it stays at the same temperature. This translates into a continuous surge of power used to re-heat the water which isn’t really necessary. This unused hot water goes to waste and you lose money in this process.

A standard water heater timer comes at a price tag of $40-50, which is pretty cheap considering the savings you are about to make on your electrical bill. Your water heater runs 24/7 and we sleep for about 8 hours a day. Add to that the time when you are not at home and you’ll find out that more than half of the energy used by the water heater is wasted.

They are best used for electrical water heaters, gas powered heaters always have the pilot light on. The pilot light shows you that gas is flowing through the system and there is no leakage. So, there is no way around this safety system. Actually you should never meddle with the boiler itself as you can risk causing an accident.

Water heater timers are money savers

Before buying a water heater timer be sure to check with your utilities service. Many companies will charge lower rates during certain times of day or even install control devices. These devices act the same way as a timer. When there is no demand they simply shut down the power using radio signals.

The timer will help you a lot but you must be aware of some important aspects. One is the voltage at which the timer runs. Buy a timer that is compatible with the voltage of your water heater. They usually come in 220 and 120V, so before you go to the DIY store, be sure to check the voltage at which your water heater runs.

So you bought your water heater timer, and you see that it comes in a box that can be mounted on your wall. Be sure to find a good spot for the timer. It should sit somewhere above the water heater so that in case of an accident it wouldn’t be affected by water splashing all over it.

Of course, you can call a plumber to do the job for you, but if you are the kind of guy that enjoys installing his own utilities make sure you read the wiring instructions carefully. If you don’t connect all the lines properly the device won’t work.

Before interfering into the circuit, watch out to shut the circuit breakers off to avoid any injuries. Also, once you have installed the water heater timer, test it to make sure it works properly and within the parameters you have set for it.

Now that you have finished this, you should receive lower bills. The difference will be of at least $15. Added each month you will see that, basically, you have one month free electricity now. If this is not a great progress towards energy independence, I don’t know what is.

All in all, the water heater timer is an ingenious device that has helped many people. One downside is the usage in a big house where the need for hot water will be more frequent. Also, this device is a long term solution and you will better notice its benefits over the passing of years.

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